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Pierre Deshauteurs
7/5/2010 11:17:28 pm

Hi John,

Thanks again for the wondeful time. I love the different images you have so skillfully captured at this website.

Keep On Truckin'

martin zelnik
10/7/2010 02:04:28 pm

I look forward to seeing your photography. I just spent about 30 minutes reviewing examples of your work and found your photographs quite beautiful. continued success in your scenic and nature photography.

martin zelnik

Peggy Hayes-DuMond
10/14/2010 10:31:45 am

Totally LOVE the site. Glad to see our old favorite spot Key Largo is represented. Fabulous sunset! Running our of superlatives. I could comment on every shot, but will save it 'til I see you at your exhibit on Huguenot Street on Saturday.
Mazel tov!

10/15/2010 06:18:18 am

You have a wonderful collection of photographs’. I enjoyed each and every one of them and have my favorites. Though they are all wonderful - You are a very talented passionate photographer. Your keen sense of nature and trained eye is expressed in every image - Looking forward to your show - See you then

11/3/2010 12:02:57 am

j, are more gifted than you realize.
that pic of splitrock in the winter is amazing.and even the pics of dc and washington although i am mostly a nature girl, are also fabulous. your stuff really needs to be marketed in a huge way.
love you. thanks for the amazing eye candy.

Chuck D
11/10/2010 04:51:49 am


Most impressive work. Your use of light is stunning. I am most impressed with your daybreak shots. I'll be spending some time at the show in New Paltz!

1/14/2011 11:31:31 am

Drop a line here.

Chris Kaltwasser
12/14/2011 11:40:56 pm

Some amazing shots John! You have a new fan!

Gary Osland
6/21/2012 08:13:07 am


While Carlos and I are not in residence these days, seeing your photographs brings back many years of treasured experiences and memories. Thanks for sharing.

Gary O

7/27/2012 11:17:35 am

I do believe that this certain blog was ever most useful in my adventures of blogging. It was very useful for me. I’m happy I found this blog.

7/27/2012 11:31:25 am

Ever more I think everyone should know and learn the information posted. Good day.It's an informative post. I read it properly. Worth reading definitely!

AnnMarie & Curt
8/16/2012 12:04:45 am

Jon, you are so talented and your passion for photography is obvious as your photos are breath-taking/and inspiring.
We need you to take some of our state lake, come visit..we have a boat and you are always welcome. ♥

Stephanie Prussack
12/29/2012 03:37:41 am

Hey John - These are extraordinary. Pierre and I were just looking. I am going to share your e-mail site with some friends and colleagues.


11/7/2013 11:47:30 pm

Dear John Joseph Hayes,

I am a gallery assistant at Agora Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in New York. Can I send you some information about our gallery and promotional services that you might be interested in?

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
Mary Eleanor Hurt

Gallery Assistant / Agora Gallery

Phone: 212.226.4151

Fax: 212.966.4380

Pauline Ball John Mohan Cavan, McGarvey cousins Fermanagh Ireland
10/2/2016 09:08:09 am

Greetings from Ireland.
We are relaxing here in Ballygawley looking at your impressive photographs.A good way to spend an afternoon.
Best wishes
Pauline and all your Irish connections.


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